It Risk Management

IT Risk Management allows an organization to identify possible risks, reduce or mitigate those risks, allow for better decision making in regards to all risks, and strategize a plan, Effective IT risk management ensures that high priority risks are aggressively and cost-effectively managed, and that management at all levels is armed with the information required to make informed business-critical decisions.

    • IT Risk Management Governance Policy & Procedures – IT Risk Management policy explains the principals that the organization will follow for managing its risks related to its Information Technology. The policy outlines the processes for managing risks and indicates who is responsible for the different aspects of IT Risk Management in the organization. Based on international standards such as ISO 31000, NIST 800-39, regulatory requirement such as BASEL II, and industry best practices, we assist organizations in developing and implementing their IT Risk Management policy.
    • IT Risk Assessment – Following industry standards, such a COBIT, while using our unique tools and methodologies, we analyse the risks related to each IT system based on their business use and their unique characteristics. Based on this analysis we identify the relevant risk scenarios that may affect each system and the controls required to reduce the probability of these events. We analyse the effectiveness of the existing controls and recommend a plan for improvement.