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Professional accompaniment and advice in the fields of cyber protection, information security and privacy protection and its regulations on an ongoing basis. The work plan is based on the standard staffing of a CISO - Information Security and Cyber ​​Protection Manager who will work in a fixed-day format by a professional from our company who has the appropriate background and certification and will also benefit from the support and accompaniment that our company has to offer.
The framework of the proposal for the customized data management, cyber and privacy protection service is based on the CISO360 program, which is an advanced language information security management program in our company, based on a proven methodology, professional experience, adapted and oriented and capable of expansion according to the requirements of budgets, regulation, needs and services. .

So what does the CISO actually do in the company?

Ongoing support of an information security, cyber and privacy protection consultant who will work in a CISO configuration - which includes:

  • Managing information security and cyber protection in accordance with the requirements of the Cyber ​​Management circular in institutional bodies and in accordance with changes and circulars as issued from time to time according to the relevant authorities.

  • Management of information security and cyber protection - ongoing weekly operation / work and guidance with the information security / information systems / infrastructure team in the company.

  • Characterization of a response plan and preparation for dealing with cyber incidents (Incident Response)

  • Management, assessment and handling of cyber risks (Risk Management: Assessment, Analysis, Reporting)

  • Working with an external and/or internal audit plan and/or compliance in the organization - accompanying technical / technological surveys as required and assisting in building a plan to close gaps and providing a professional opinion.

  • Preparing and updating information and cyber security policies and procedures (corporate governance for information and cyber security).

  • Accompanying on privacy issues throughout the year in information leak events.

  • Management of all aspects of privacy protection in the organization.

  • Implementation of information security awareness - at the level of the organization, employees, management and board of directors

  • Developing a culture and employee awareness for information and cyber security.

Why choose CISO as a service of CyberTeam360?

CyberTeam360 has experience in implementing information security requirements, cyber protection and privacy protection regulations and the European standard GDPR for a number of organizations in Israel and around the world and employs a number of experts with international privacy and GDPR certifications:

  • Our society is recognized in Israel and internationally by several international organizations - including ISACA, IAPP INCD and many others.

  • All ITA projects in the Ministry of Transportation from 2015 to 2020 (for example, the privatization of the Licensing Office, a ten million NIS project), Stock Exchange audit for a traded American company, accompanying and implementing professional certifications in PCI, ISO27001 and other bodies, internal audits in large bodies (National, Teva, Clal and more) in the scope of hundreds of hours, planning and implementation of a comprehensive information security program in the scope of hundreds of hours in several entities in the years 2014-2017.
    Oren Elimelech - is a member of the Science Committee in the Knesset that published the privacy protection regulations and has professional experience working with the Privacy Protection Authority (formerly RMO'T).

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