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CyberTeam360 is a cybersecurity boutique firm with strong knowledge & experience in building information security roadmaps & programs for enterprises using risk management and providing high-end specialized multidimensional security solutions to enterprises and corporations, governments, financial institutions, transport operators, power, gas and oil, manufacturers, airports, and seaports.

CyberTeam360 core competence and expertise has been refined with years of in-the-field experience successfully providing Incident Response services and integrating scores of diverse projects around the world.

CyberTeam360’s expertise of practical and effective implementation of ICT and cyber security solutions is testament to its know-how and capabilities to tailor ICT security solutions to customer needs – from risk analysis and vulnerability assessment through solution definition to post-implementation support.

Established by Information and communication technologies, security and intelligence experts with in-the-field experience covering the gamut of computing and communication technologies, security and intelligence domains; The highly qualified and experienced team of experts maintains multidisciplinary applicable know-how and skills providing comprehensive cyber security solutions, services and advice to financial institutions Governments, critical infrastructure and commercial corporation customers, to build cyber-resilient into their organizations.

Our multidisciplinary team maintains an up-to-date know-how of state-of-the-art technologies and solid experience implementing them into an efficient and effective solution optimized for the customers’ needs and constrains.

CyberTeam360 has consistently proven its ability to work under tight schedules and deadlines, while delivering a completely successful turn-key solution.

In the security field, it is knowledge and experience – practical, hands-on experience; that counts. With years of successfully delivering diverse projects around the world, CyberTeam360 can guarantee implementation of practical, impregnable, customized, timely, and cost-effective ICT and cyber security solutions. 

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